Film/Video. Hundred Paintings

Hundred Paintings. Film/Video

Hundred Paintings is a diptych video format where each (component) was filmed a year apart on contrasting days. It was filmed using iPhones lying on the dashboard/mantle of the car, camera pointed up through the windscreen facing the sky. Hundred Paintings features the extraordinary trees that line each side of Glengariff Rd in Sea Point, Capetown. The soothing sound of the car engine and electrics (car indicators) are intended to be integral to the diptych’s continuity and movement. The film can be also be stopped at any point to find a composition/juxtaposition between the two sequences.

Fim/Video. Hundred Paintings

Hundred Paintings from simon levy on Vimeo.

Film/Video. Spatial Painting/Sound Composition

Spatial Paintings/Sound Compositions:

Spatial Paintings/Sound Compositions were made in an open urban space where the ground is hard enough for wooden components to resonate and echo as they crash to the earth, after being thrown high into the sky, utilising sky, earth and surround environment to form a space and natural amplifier to frame the impact and movement.

Spatial Painting. Film/Video/Sound Composition

Spatial Paintings/Sound Compositions from simon levy on Vimeo.

Film/Video/Sound Composition. Spatial Painting. PARADIGMS

Spatial Paintings/Sound Compositions: PARADIGMS

Slightly curved slats form whale bone carcass structures along the concrete. The structure is designed to collapse domino style when a random current in the breeze blows strongly enough. The video is designed to be stopped at any moment to find a graphic still.

Spatial Paintings/Sound Composition. PARADIGMS. Falling Utopia. 1 from simon levy on Vimeo.

Film/Video. Spatial Painting/Sound Composition. Running Rings

Spatial Painting. Film/Video/Sound Composition

Running Rings again uses the hardness of the ground and open space to record the echo and resonance of the wooden rings as they fall from a height. The rings created a bouncing rhythm almost akin to that of a marimba.

Spatial Painting/Sound Composition. from simon levy on Vimeo.

PARADIGMS. Falling Utopia. 2. from simon levy on Vimeo.

Film/Video. Studio N1

Film/Video. Studio N1

A video anticipating the introduction of embedded biometric passport video formats.

Studio N1 from simon levy on Vimeo.


Simon Levy and Antonio Salcedo:

Dmitri Shostakovich – Waltz No. 2.

Rhino del Infelizaje.


Simon Levy

Summer Is Gone

Summer Is Gone.

Sea is green

Skies are blue

Trees are vermillion

In this view

To the press

There lies a precipice

On the horizon

Deeply shining

Look and find

Your way home


Summer has gone

Autumn is here

Dry leaves still rattling

In the trees

Oh the olive press

Is an ugly mess

Wooden mouldings

Folding unfolding

Look and see

Days of a hue


Twilight has faded

Morning unfolded

Candles are spoken and burned

Oh the morning light

From a clear autumn night

Forming dissolving

Look to find

Summer once more