Selected Paintings

The most recent paintings choose the most simple or prime ordeal format to allow a closeness to the nature and texture of pigment, oil paint, egg tempera and all materials. The most recent series are paintings that work as components of a larger installation .

Painting Simon Levy. Egg Tempera, pigment and gesso on linen canvas on prepared timber panel. 2015.
Templo Verde/Green temple. Egg Tempera, Pigment, Beeswax and Gesso on Linen Canvas and prepared wood panel. 2015.
Painting by Simon Levy artist. Egg tempera on linen canvas. Pancho Villa meets Emiliano Zapata.


Bigotes/moustaches.  (Pancho Villa meets Emiliano Zapata). Egg tempera and gesso on linen mounted on prepared birch panel. 2016.

Diptych of Triptych

Diptych of Triptych: Something Desired, Something Promised, Something Predicted. Specifically sized Belarus linen, pigment, oil and gesso on

Existential Mushy Pea Green

Mushy Pea Green. Egg tempera, pigment, beeswax and oil on prepared timber and canvas. 2017.

Pair. Ego 1 and Ego 2

Pair. Ego 1 and Ego 2.  Pigment and egg tempera on birch panel and linen canvas. 2016.


Superego. Egg tempera on linen stretched over prepared panels. 2016

Painting 1

Oil, pigment and egg tempera on linen and prepared timber

Painting 2

Oil, pigment and egg tempera on linen canvas and birch panel

Painting 3

Cimabue Green. Oil, pigment and egg tempera on prepared panels

Painting 4

Pigment, egg tempera and gesso on linen.